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List of Posters

1. Advances in Site Characterization
Board No. 1 A-005

Biological Treatment of Non-radioactive Cesium Using a Mixed Culture Process of Bacteria and Microalgae

Seong-sik KIM (Kyungpook National University, Korea)

Woong KIM, Chang-Huyn JEON, Yun-Hui JEON

Board No. 2 A-028

Identifying Iron and Sulfate Release Mechanisms during River Bank Filtration: Field Observation and Chemical Mass Balance Modeling

Seongnam AN (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

Peter Kyungchul KANG, Pieter J, STUYFZAND, Seong-Taek YUN, Seunghak LEE

Board No. 3 A-046

Particulate Matter Accumulation on Various Tree Leaves and Its Metal Contents

Jin Hee PARK (Chungbuk National University, Korea)

Seonju KWON, Seungju CHA Jukyung LEE

2. Remedial Investigation
Board No. 4 A-027

Competitive Effect of Phosphate on Arsenic Adsorption on FeS: XAS and DFT Approaches

Young-Soo HAN (Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Korea)

Ji-Hyun PARK, Yuri MIN, Dong-Hee LIM

Board No. 5 A-041

Development of Biological Promoting Technique for Natural Attenuation of Nitrate in Groundwater by Injecting Carbon Source

Yongtae AHN (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

Da-won LEE, Seoungtack YUN, Jaeyoung CHOI

Board No. 6 A-054

Preparation of Prussian Blue-alginate Foam and Its Application to the Simultaneous Removal of Radioactive Strontium and Cesium from Seawater

Jungho RYU (Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Korea)

Semin EUN, Hye-Jin HONG, Hyuncheol KIM

Board No. 7 A-067

Evaluation on Oxidation Mechanism of Non-biodegradable Chemicals Using Dual Radical System (DRS)

Jeong-hwan CHOI (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Kitae BAEK

- A-091

Variation of Microalgal Biomass and Microcystins Harvested from the Surface Water by a Non-thermal Plasma

Rumi PARK (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Jong-Guk KIM, Hyun-Woo KIM

- A-094

Evaluation of Cold Plasma and Membrnae Filtration to Treat High-strength Livestock Urine and Manure

Hyunmin AN (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Jae-Cheol LEE, Rumi PARK, Hyun-Woo KIM

- A-095

Effect of Residual Antibiotics on the Yield of Biodiesel Produced by Microalgal Biomass from Livestock Urine and Manure

Sangjun JEONG (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Sol YANG, Sooyoung SUNG, Hyun-Woo KIM

- A-096

Comparison of MPBR and Physicochemical Treatment Post-treatment Technology Using Small Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent

Jungmin KIM (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Sooyoung SUNG, Hyun-woo KIM

3. Remediation Technologies for Contaminated Site
Board No. 8 A-012

Effect of Manganese Oxide (Birnessite) and Oxygen Releasing Compounds (ORCs) on Controlling the Mobility of Arsenic in Paddy Field during Flooding Period

Taesun KIM (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Hye-Bin KIM, Kitae BAEK

Board No. 9 A-013

Remediation of Cesium Contaminated Soil Combined with Soil Washing and Electro-kinetic Process

Donghun SHIN (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Kitae BAEK, Jonggook KIM

Board No. 10 A-014

Pelletization of Alum Sludge Using Bentonite as a Binder for Removal Arsenic

Jung-Yeol JO (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Jeong-Hwan CHOI, Kitae BAEK

Board No. 11 A-015

Reduction and Adsorption of Nitrate from Groundwater using Zero-valent Iron-based Materials

EunYeong HAN (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Dong-Hun Shin, Hye-Bin Kim, Jong-Gook Kim, Kitae Baek

Board No. 12 A-017

Electrochemically Enhanced Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the Subsurface Containing Metal Sulfide

Jong-Gook KIM (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Kitae BAEK, Su-Jin MIN

Board No. 13 A-018

Effect of Reaction Medium on Stability of Biochar

Hye-Bin KIM (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Kitae BAEK

Board No. 14 A-038

Genomic and Physiologcal Properties of Methane Oxidizing Bacterium, Methylocystis sp. B8, from Wetland

So-Jeong KIM (Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Korea)

Gi-Yong JUNG

Board No. 15 A-039

Evaluation of Fluorine Removal Ability of Fluorine Contaminated Soil

Yongtae AHN (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

Sang Hyun PARK, Man-ho HAN, Seon-Jae LEE, Hyun-Shik YUN, Seung-Won SEO, Jaeyoung CHOI

Board No. 16 A-043

Electrokinetic Removal of Heavy Metals and Arsenic Using Two-dimensional Electrode Configurations and Its Field Application

Soon-Oh KIM (Gyeongsang National University, Korea)

Woo-Chun LEE, Jin Young JEONG, Seong-Taek YUN, Ho Young JO

Board No. 17 A-051

Thermosensitive Poly (N-isopropylacylamide) Grafted Magnetic Cored Dendrimers for Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

Ye-Lim HAN (Hanyang University, Korea)

Hye-Ran KIM, Jae-Woo PARK

Board No. 18 A-052

Isolation of Antimony Oxidizing Bacteria and Their Properties Characterization

In-Hyun NAM (Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Korea)

Young-Soo HAN, Jin-Hee PARK

Board No. 19 A-053

Development of the Solar-powered Electrocoagulation Water Treatment System for Purifying Groundwater Contaminated by Both Total Coliforms and Arsenic: Field Demonstration at Vietnam

Sangwoo JI (Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Korea)

Seungil PAK, Nguyen Thi Hoang HA, Chamteut OH

Board No. 20 A-055

A Study on Decomposition of Recalcitrant Contaminants by Reduction-oxidation Linked Processes

Hee-Won KWON (Andong National University, Korea)

Hyun-Pyo HONG, Su-Jin BAE, Inseong HWANG, Young-Hun KIM

Board No. 21 A-066

Biochar-supported Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron as an Efficient Catalyst for Organic Degradation in Groundwater

Yuqing SUN (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China)

Zhe LI, Daniel C.W. TSANG

Board No. 22 A-070

A Sustainable Biochar Catalyst Synergized with Copper Heteroatoms and CO₂ for Singlet Oxygenation and Electron Transfer Routes

Daniel C.W. TSANG (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China)

Zhonghao WAN, Yuqing SUN

Board No. 23 A-073

Novel Stabilization/Solidification of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Fly Ash by Addition of Green Materials

Liang CHEN (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China)

Lei WANG, Dong-Wan CHO, Daniel C.W. TSANG, Lizhi TONG, Yaoyu ZHOU, Jian YANG, Qing HU, Chi Sun POON

Board No. 24 A-074

Soil Amendments for Immobilization of Trace Elements and Risk Management of Contaminated Soils

Kumuduni Niroshika PALANSOORIYA (Korea University, Korea)

Sabry M. SHAHEEN, Season S. CHEN, Daniel C.W. TSANG, Yohey HASHIMOTO, Deyi HOU, Nanthi BOLAN, Jorg RINKLEBE, Yong Sik OK

Board No. 25 A-075

Mechanism on Electrochemical Oxidation of Phenol Using Carbon Fiber Anode

Su-Jin MIN (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Jong-Gook KIM, Kitae BAEK

Board No. 26 A-078

Elucidating Mechanism for Arsenic Immobilization with Calcite and Gypsum in Arable Soil

Chang Oh HONG (Pusan National University, Korea)

Hyun Ho LEE

- A-092

Removal of Penicillin Antibiotics in Livestock Manure using Microalgae

Sooyoung SUNG (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Hyun-woo KIM

- A-093

A Combined System of Non-thermal Plasma and Anaerobic Digestion for an Effective Microcystin Treatment

Sol YANG (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Hyun-Woo KIM

- A-099

Electrokinetic Transportation of Heavy Metals in Railroad Soil with pH Conditioning using Nitric Acid

Bo-Kyong KIM (Korea Railroad Research Institute, Korea)

Jae-Young LEE, Tae-Soon KWON

4. Risk Assessment of Contaminated Site
Board No. 27 A-019

Heavy Metals in Urban Soil Pollution

Abbos BERDIKULOV (Agrobank Samarkand Branch, Uzbekistan)

Board No. 28 A-023

Increased Fluctuations of Arsenic Mobility Induced by Iron Oxides Transformation and Organic Substrate Inflow Under Dynamic Redox Conditions

Sujin PARK (Seoul National University, Korea)

Kyoungphile NAM

Board No. 29 A-045

Environmental Impact of Municial Solid Waste and the Problem of Disposal

Sindor PARDAEV (Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan)

Board No. 30 A-080

Soil Quality Assessment Using Normalized Score Function in Agricultural Field Around Agro-industrial Complex

Youngkyu HONG (Chungnam National University, Korea)

Sungchul KIM, Donghyun YUN, Jinwook KIM

Board No. 31 A-084

Properties of Agricultural Soils Around Industrial Complexes and Evaluation of Their Heavy Metal(loid) Contamination

Mina LEE (Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology, Korea)

Hyunuk KIM, Kwon-Rae KIM

Board No. 32 A-090

Abundance and Identification of Microfragments & Microfibres in Hong Kong Food and Drinks

Yuguang WANG (The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China)

Yan Laam CHENG, Yiu Fai TSANG

Board No. 33 A-097

Assessment of Point-source Pollutant Loadings to Soil and Groundwater for Chemical Substances using a Multipahse Compositional Model

Soonyoung YU (Korea University, Korea)

Seong-Taek YUN

Board No. 34 A-098

Identification and Prediction of the Main Factors Controlling Variability of Near-surface Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Yun-Yeong OH (Korea University, Korea)

Seong-Taek YUN, Matthew MYERS, Bobby PEJCIC